Providing actionable insights

by leveraging the power of AI driven models


What We Do

DecisionForest is an AI driven technology firm that provides insights obtained through the analysis of vast amounts of data. We are guided by fields like machine learning and deep learning in our research, and by cloud computing and easy scalability on demand in our service offering.

The strength of our business relies on two main pillars: capabilities that capture data from a wide variety of realtime sources at very high speeds and proprietary machine learning algorithms and neural networks that efficiently analyse both structured and unstructured data and offer unique insights.

To keep it simple, our main offering is the development and productisation of alternative data products as well as many other types of insights that are derived from big data analysis.

We ingest real time data from a large number of sources. The speed of ingestion makes sure the data can be made available in due time for quick analysis.

We efficiently analyse each piece of data with our proprietary AI algorithms, reducing and filtering, classifying and calculating various metrics that, with proper usage, can generate alpha for our clients.

Our powerful API allows for getting results with both push and pull types of subscriptions. Even if pulling data is the most common way to access the data, we offer push services as well for certain use cases.


The era of inferring deep insight from data is here as data is acknowledged to be central to business performance and transformation.

Companies that understand their data are better prepared for the developing needs of their customers and are flexible to sector and industry trend changes.

While data will always be valuable, the real actionable insights can be gathered only from accessible, structured and timely served data. DecisionForest is a fast and effective way to transforming your data into a profitable asset.

Our Clients

We offer our clients a competitive edge as we’re motivated by their successful use of the insights we provide.

In this challenging world it takes a lot of research and work to discover profitable information and our clients benefit fully from our expertise.

Our team is constantly looking at new data, researches and develops new AI models in order to discover new insights that can benefit our clients.


Social Media Sentiment Data

DecisionForest indexes social media feeds and provides sentiment analysis data. Our proprietary machine/deep learning model assesses the relevance of each topic, filters out the noise, computes and displays sentiment data and other metrics.

Fundamentals Analysis Data

We look at the most fundamental financial level and we examine the key ratios of businesses to determine their financial health. By knowing the real value of a company we can see which are being over and underestimated by the market.

The products above represent our standard API offering that you can easily subscribe to after registering for an account.

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