Providing actionable insights

by leveraging the power of AI driven models


What We Do

DecisionForest is an AI driven technology firm that provides insights obtained through the analysis of vast amounts of data. We are guided by fields like Machine Learning and Deep Learning in our research, and by cloud computing and easy scalability on demand in our service offering.

The strength of our business relies on three main pillars:

  • Pipelines for capturing data from a wide variety of real-time sources.
  • Explainable machine learning algorithms that efficiently analyze both structured and unstructured data, offering unique insights.
  • APIs and Data Visualizations that enable teams identify areas of interest and enhance their data-driven decision-making processes.

We ingest real time data from a large number of sources. The speed of ingestion makes sure the data can be made available in due time for quick analysis.

We efficiently analyse each piece of data with our proprietary AI algorithms, reducing and filtering, classifying and calculating various metrics that lead to value creation within the business.

Our powerful API allows for quick data ingestion empowering our clients to create powerful data visualisations. This further enables them to make better data-driven business decisions.


Our product offering consists of financial data derived from big data analysis. By creating an account you are able to view demo insights that can be easily accessed through our API.

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